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Paleontologic Control - The Offshore Texas Gulf Coast

PalCon is a Texas Gulf Coast paleo database. The Offshore Texas database comprises wells located in offshore state tracts, as well as some located on federal tracts (blocks), all in Gulf of Mexico waters.

The Offshore Texas database includes wells selected for all 7 OST Areas, as well as 9 wells located in the West Cameron Area off Louisiana.

High Island Area contains a total of 45 wells, including 3 nearby wells.

Galveston Area contains 57 wells, including 10 nearby and bay wells.

Brazos Area contains 33 wells, including 3 nearby onshore wells.

Matagorda Island Area contains 28 wells, including 7 nearby bay wells.

Mustang Island Area contains 16 wells, including 1 Laguna Madre well.

North Padre Island Area contains 5 wells, including 2 Laguna Madre and 1 nearby well (a total of 3).

South Padre Island Area contains 16 wells, including 10 nearby county wells (of which 4 are in the Laguna Madre).                                                               

The PalCon Offshore Texas database contains a total of 200 wells.

Also available are 9 wells in the West Cameron Area of Louisiana.  These 9 wells are in an offshore area adjacent to High Island Area of OST.

The combined total of wells in PalCon Offshore database is 209 wells.

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